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We help crypto companies secure amazing organic coverage from industry media.


Aenean consectetur massa quis sem volutpat, a condimentum tortor pretium. Cras id ligula consequat, sagittis nulla at, sollicitudin lorem. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montesWe help crypto companies secure amazing organic coverage from industry delivers deep crypto and Web3 PR industry expertise which allows us to develop comprehensive communications strategies to reach a massively wide audience.With contacts at the largest crypto publishers, influencers, and media,’s PR team helps clients secure organic coverage from the biggest names in the blockchain industry.Our team will carefully craft coverage-securing releases, pitches, announcements, and more that bring eyeballs to your crypto brand.

  • Earned Media Goal DiscoveryStrong crypto PR requires a deep understanding of your brand and its goals. We help define and amplify your brand and communication strategies.
  • Target Media Identification & PitchingWe leverage our relationships with leading crypto, Web3, and blockchain media and get them excited about your brand.
  • Media & Coverage CoordinationOur PR team handles the coordination of media coverage from start to finish. Get ready for some really exciting coverage.

PR Media

Top Benefits Working with A Crypto PR Agency

Increased Brand Recognition & Awareness

Our crypto PR process is designed to target brand-aligned media with a significant readership. More eyes on your brand.

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Improve Trust & Reputation

We secure coverage from trusted sources of information and recommendations, which can help to boost trust and credibility for your brand.

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Expert Storytelling

We believe every crypto brand has a great story. We’ll uncover yours.

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Crypto Reputation Management & Crisis Control

Whether you’re in crisis-mode or just looking to build some trust, we’ve got your back.

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Thought Leadership Building

Whether you’re in DeFi, NFTs, Tokens, or something else, we’ll uncover opportunities to position your executive team as thought leaders in the space.
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