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All details about Press Release, Sponsored Article, Organic Article advertisements are on this page. Over the past 7 years, 530+ companies trusted our expertise, ranging from crypto exchanges and wallets, DeFi protocols, fintech companies, casino and betting platforms, NFT and Metaverse projects, blockchain development companies, and many others.

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Sponsored Article

Sponsored Article is a type of article prepared by you and shared by us. Turkish Translation of your existing Article is provided and shared free of charge.For this study, you need to have a ready article beforehand.

Estimated Data Statistics (1 Week)

  • Views: +50.000 user
  • Backlink: +1.000 user

Organic Article

It is a type of article written by an expert editor by doing research on the subject you will give. Writing work is done on the existing subject and link in a completely organic way. It is the most popular type of article by the Google search engine.

Estimated Data Statistics (1 Week)

  • Views: +150.000 user
  • Backlink: +2.500 user

Article and Study details

It is prepared and adjusted according to 100% SEO rules before sharing.
If there is no ready-made visual cover for the article, it is made free of charge by our team.
The article is shared on all our social media accounts.
You can use up to 5 different links in the article.
After the work starts, a weekly impression and click report is sent.
Translation of the article into Turkish is free of charge.
All Articles are displayed in the Homepage news headline section.
All our article shares are completely permanent. It is not deleted / removed.
The character / word limit in the article is maximum 400.
You can choose the links used as no-follow or do-follow according to preference.
Before sharing, it is sent to you for you to check in draft form for the last time and you are asked to give your approval.

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